Playing for the Cause

Connecting Musicians and Fans with Causes that Matter

Caroline Cotter is a Rhode Island born singer songwriter, currently based in Portland, Maine. Michael Howard is a singer songwriter from Alaska, currently based in Portland, Oregon. Both have been touring the country spreading their music from east to west, north to south, putting on the miles doing what they love. 

This February, Cotter and Howard met at the annual Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, MO, where they decided to combine forces and partner with Playing for the Cause to promote a cross country tour benefitting Rhode Island based nonprofit, The Peace Flag Project. This April, Cotter and Howard are bringing national awareness to The Peace Flag Project with a two week tour, carrying the non-profit's mission along with their music across the country from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine while using Playing for the Cause to promote fan donations to the cause. 

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